︎Justin Daashuur Hopkins
︎︎ Artist_ Filmmaker

Collected Works
2012 - 2018︎︎︎


Co-founder, Art Director, Curator : 2016—︎

is a multidisciplinary Los Angeles based artist collective working in Little Tokyo.

In the Japanese tradition of Noh theatre, there is often a supernatural being that shifts to human form to personify the heroic journey. This works as a metaphor for divine inspiration and is the seed for all great works of art. This is an important homage to the co-founders Japanese American heritage.

NOH / WAVE, similar to the New Wave movements, is more concerned with innovation rather than traditionalism and seeks to expand the cultural lexicon through organic communal growth.

NOH / WAVE celebrates collaboration with the belief that true brilliance lies between the intersection and interaction of varying experiences and insights.

“There is no new wave only the ocean.”
- Claude Chabrol

“Lotus Eater | for Rembrandt and Rauschenberg”
oil and plastisol on wood panel

This painting was completed over the course of a year long period of experimentation. Each phase was done while in an altered state under the influence of traditional Blue Lotus tea.


Body Fat

How To Dress Well
Client : How to Dress Well / Domino Records
Written & Directed by:
Justin Daashuur Hopkins +
Tom Krell

Edited by : Justin Daashuur Hopkins

Produced by : NOH / WAVE

Cinematography : James Mountford + Yoshino

Lighting technician : James Mountford Studio

Digital FX and Animation : Aron Johnson

Styling: Jesse Jamz

Hair + Makeup: Crystal Tran

“Lost for Life”

oil on reclaimed canvas from WWII military garments. (canvas hand dyed and prepared by Sasoon Markarian)
58" x 37"

2018 - to show in upcoming show at Booth Gallery / NYC