︎Justin Daashuur Hopkins
︎︎ Artist_ Director
“Lost for Life”

oil on reclaimed canvas from WWII military garments. (canvas hand dyed and prepared by Sasoon Markarian)
58" x 37"

The material this is painted on was hand dyed and prepared by Sasoon Markarian. He uses almost exclusively reclaimed military pieces from as early as world war 1. I’m not sure if this ever saw combat although it has plenty of wear and tear and signs of extreme distress - some of it was inflicted by me and some by total strangers of past generations.

I hand stitched  the grommets and patches myself. The original collage that serves as the backbone of the composition came from a photo shoot James Mountford and I conducted at my studio, NOH / WAVE in downtown.

The piece is suspended and hangs loose on the wall by vintage repurposed tack nails in order to display the full range of violence acted upon the piece.

2018 - Showing at “Bloom” at Booth Gallery / NYC